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Using wood helps the environment – the ‘green advantage’ of wood.

Using wood helps the environment – the ‘green advantage’ of wood. While forests grow using the energy from the sun they are efficiently removing carbon dioxide from the environment and producing oxygen - a bonus unique to wood. By-products from harvesting and processing wood are widely used as biofuel, this reduces the fossil fuel burden in production process.As forests are harvested and replanted the benefits they provide to the earth continue to expand.


Wood is renewable -Unlike concrete or metal, wood is a building material that can be grown and regrown through replanting.

Compared to building materials like steel or concrete, the lifecycle of wood has a lower overall impact on the environment and costs less to produce.

Natural wood emits significantly lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than aluminum, steel, concrete or plastics, an advantage for the home and office.

One of the great things about natural wood is that it releases is a range of organic compound that people find relaxing - it is not just the warmth of wood’s color and texture that creates such a soothing and invigorating effect.

A big challenges with many building materials, including concrete, metal and plastics is that when they are discarded they are slow to decompose. When exposed to the natural environment wood breaks down quickly and actually replenish the soil.

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