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Wood and Climate

wood products helps to mitigate climate change.


0.8 tonnes of carbon emissions are saved for every cubic metre of wood which is used in construction, therefore, if a home uses 20 cubic metres of wood, that’s a saving of 16 tonnes in carbon (equals to the carbon amount produced by driving 90,000 kilometers).

Houses made from trees are sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly. Wooden structures absorb and store atmospheric CO2 and that wood, even taking into account haulage, is carbon neutral. In fact, it’s the only carbon neutral construction material.

When trees are turned into wood products they continue to store that carbon. By using solid hardwood furniture, we are preventing climate change and the greenhouse effect. Compared to oil, coal and natural gas, burning wood creates clean energy and no waste.

Wood helps reduce energy consumption across the life cycle of growth, harvest, transport, manufacture and construction compared to other structural building products according to life cycle assessment (LCA).

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